Diploma in Marketing

I enrolled for the Diploma in Marketing course with the Fitzwilliam Institute after working in various Sales & Marketing roles for more than 20 years. I felt that despite having a lot of good industry experience and plenty of contacts, that there was something lacking from my CV. A lot of people told me I didn't need to, but I felt that I needed this to help me to complete my own profile. I had never studied at third level. The Diploma in Marketing was a perfect course for me to cut my teeth on, as step by step, it walked me through the practical skills I used every day, and helped me to put more structure to my work. The course is designed in such a way as to enable students to get their initial thoughts down on paper, then with the aid of the tutor, fine tune your assignment before final submission. For someone who hadn't studied in over 20 years, this felt like a brilliant safety net. I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone wishing to get that initial introduction to Marketing or, if like myself, looking to put structure to the practical knowledge I already had. I am looking forward now to taking my 3rd level education to the next level.    

Neville Murphy

Diploma in Journalism

I had always wanted to study journalism or creative writing, but never had the time or courage to do much about it, until I came across the Fitzwilliam Institute’s Diploma in Journalism via Online Distance Learning. What I read on the website got my interest, so I requested a brochure, had a phone consultation and decided I had nothing to lose from investing in something I knew I would enjoy. From the beginning, the friendly and informative course expert made me feel at ease about enroling on the course, understanding and answering any questions I had. The course content allowed me to develop new skills and encouraged me to become more creative. All of the modules were practical and quite interactive, and they included a vast amount of relevant and useful information. The support of my course tutor made my experience very enjoyable. This course has met all expectations and given me the knowledge and confidence to take writing to another level, which I would not have been able do without having completed the course. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this course to anyone looking to expand their knowledge in journalism or writing!

Jack Bolton

Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing

I attended the Postgraduate course in Digital Marketing from Fitzwilliam Institute and it was extremely important to achieving my professional goals in Digital Marketing in Ireland. When I started my studies at Fitzwilliam, I had around than 10 years of experience in the Marketing area, working in different kinds of industries and businesses in South America; but only little practical experience in Digital Marketing, which didn't allow me to get a position in this area. After I’ve completed Fitzwilliam's course, great opportunities came and even with an offer to start an internship in one of the host companies, offered as part of the course, I've received another offer to be part of the Digital Marketing team in a Mobile Marketing company based in Dublin, where I had the pleasure to work, learn a lot and have developed my skills. The classes/lessons are taught by professionals from different kinds of industries and they use practical experience and real examples from the local market that help all the participants to become more prepared to face all the challenges when we start to work. All students are from different areas (not only Marketing) but with common interests and all of them are really focused and with a good level of interaction. Another important point for me was the possibility to have developed projects in different areas (SEO, PPC, Social, etc), like real projects using real companies that helped me understand how to plan and develop digital actions. At the moment I work in a multinational IT company based in Dublin and I'm responsible for managing an E-commerce website and developing actions to increase customer acquisition and improve level of loyalty of our customers in all Portuguese speaking countries such as Portugal, Brazil and other countries in Africa, but also with a good participation and close interaction with other colleagues in EMEA, North America and Asia, since it's a global company.  I strongly recommend this course to anybody interested in starting or wanting to improve skills in Digital Marketing; and be prepared to face all possible challenges in the market in general. - Erik Oliveira Santos, OVH

Erik Oliveira Santos

Diploma in Digital Marketing

The best part of the course was that it was taught by professionals in the industry who had first-hand experience of what they were teaching . We all learnt from each other in the class as we were all from different industries but shared a common goal of wanting to improve our online presence. This course has greatly benefited my understanding of the behind the scenes of what goes into a successful website I would highly recommend the course.

Linda-Mae Meagle

Diploma in Event Management

I am nearing the completion of your Event Management & PR course. I actually found it via LinkedIn when I saw a number of people working in the sports industry in event management roles had it listed as a qualification. I have found your course hugely beneficial and putting numerous elements from it in to practice I believe is in part responsible for the massive success of our event. Our event profit went from €4000 last year to over €10,000 this year. The added attention to detail that I was able to put in to practice from the various course modules was a huge help. As I have three young children the best part for me was being able to complete the course in my own time. Yes, you need to be disciplined and put in the work but the flexibility that this course allows you was really great. I also found the assignment review feedback really helpful and detailed. I would most definitely recommend it as a course for any aspiring Event Managers!  - Clodagh Fleming, Rith na Lochanna 5k organiser

Clodagh Fleming

Diploma in Digital Marketing

Amazing. I've recently just completed the Diploma in Digital Marketing & Social Media at The Fitzwilliam Institute, Dublin. Over the course of 3 months, I was thought all things Marketing & Social Media and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. From the super intuitive lectures to the location of the Institute, I would highly recommend this course to anybody looking to up-skill in their career or simply to just gain a wealth of knowledge in this booming industry.

Gavin Conway

Diploma in Event Management

When I first found the Fitzwilliam Institute course online I was delighted, but still a bit skeptical. It ended up being absolutly the best thing i've ever done. Amazing, skilled, and professional tutors, all of whom we were priveledged to meet. Course was all practical aswell which meant every class was like going to your event management company and we were given such brilliant real life examples. It was so worth it, i travelled up and down from Galway twice a week. Met some lovely people who I hope to keep in contact with.

Lisa Keane

Diploma in Event Management

I've just finished the Fitzwilliam Institute event management course. I really enjoyed the course as it gave me great insight into the inner workings of event management. I gained valuable contacts and resources from the course which I would not have had access to without it. My knowledge in the areas of budgeting, social media, and PR before the course were minimal but the classes have made me a lot more confident in how, what, where, why and when, in regard to these topics. I would highly recommend this course to anyone that has an interest in event management or even in general PR whether you want to open your own company or join another company. I would like to thank everyone involved in the course for this opportunity and for all that I've learned.

Cathy Phelan

Diploma in Charity, Fundraising and Sponsorship Event Management

From observing trends in the non-profit sector and wishing to keep my skills fresh and relevant for any opportunities that may arise with my own employer (disability service) or elsewhere, I noticed that public engagement, fundraising, corporate partnership, sponsorship and event management were on the up. I researched far and wide before settling with Fitzwilliam Institute's Diploma in Charity, Fundraising & Sponsorship Event Management - my personal circumstances (full time employee, mother of two small children, distance from educational institutions) together with their reputation, course structure and cost were my deciding factors. As the year went on, I found working at my own pace very beneficial as well as getting to apply my learning at work, which I had not expected and had me feeling much more confident in my job. It started turning into the best year ever - I was enjoying the variety at work - in 14 years, it was the best so far. Then a lifelong dream of writing and publishing a book for Jane Austen's bicentenary (2017) came up (which has received international acclaim), together with curating a Jane Austen/Georgian Festival in Limerick. While these are totally separate from my career - the skills I learned re event management and sponsorship have been invaluable and I have no doubt but I may not have ventured into this festival of theatre, screen, regency fashion, afternoon tea and workshops without it. In fact the book launch and the media attention I have received have required excellent project and event management skills. I highly recommend Fitzwilliam Institute - you never know where it may lead you!! - Rose Servitova - Job Coach, Author & Festival Curator

Rose Servitova

Founder and Managing Director, Alice PR

“Alice PR & Events is delighted to offer placements to PR students from the Fitzwilliam Institute.  The internship programme is a great way for agencies to identify future talent, as well as giving students practical, real-world experience that really stands to them when it comes to job-hunting” Martina Quinn, Founder and Managing Director – Alice PR

Martina Quinn

Diploma in Digital Marketing

As a PR and marketing professional in the sports industry, the Fitzwilliam Institute's Digital Marketing Diploma has really helped me across the range of communications disciplines. Digital media and advertising are where I'm investing my resources, and the quality of teaching I received over the 10 week course is really beginning to bear fruit for me now in these business areas.

Alec Elliott

Diploma in Event Management

I researched Diploma Events Management Courses, this seemed the best , and it was an online course. I learnt how to put together a plan for organising an event, and how to plan this from budgetary, advertising, registration, sourcing the most cost effective for the event, disability access, registration etc to the actual event taking place and evaluation meeting after the event,  providing me with confidence and ability to undertake any event. This course benefitted me enormously with my job, as I am now the event’s organiser for my team. I would recommend the course to others. I was able to complete the course while still working, it fitted into my work schedule, as you complete the modules in your time, it is then sent to be marked and comments are made of how to improve each module, and then finally submit the final portfolio to the examiner for your final grade. I passed with a distinction grade. Natalie Wilmot, National Implementation Service

Natalie Wilmot

Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing

I completed the Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing at the Fitzwilliam Institute. The lecturers were very well qualified and able to offer some really valuable insights from their experience in the industry. After finishing the course I began full time employment in Digital Marketing so I would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of furthering their career or education.  

Geoffrey Dorrity

Diploma in Digital Marketing

I recently completed the Diploma in Digital Marketing and Social Media with the Fitzwilliam Institute and found the experience to be very rewarding and beneficial.  The classes and study material were comprehensive and well-rounded, providing in-depth knowledge, which is already being applied to my day-to-day work activities.  I have gained a very useful qualification, passing on the benefits of the up-skills honed through this course to my client base. Course Director, Tim Smyrk, was particularly engaging and provided excellent guidance throughout.  I would highly recommend the Fitzwilliam Institute. - Deirdre Walsh, Avanti PR

Deirdre Walsh, Avanti PR

Postgraduate Diploma in Public Relations with Arranged Work Experience

In 2014 I decided to go back to college after a few months of travelling and it was the best decision I ever made. After graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from NUIG I wanted to specialise and looked at the PR & Event management course in Fitzwilliam Institute. The lectures were incredible in this course and got me thinking outside the box every day. Zoe Healy, one of the lectures, set us an assignment of setting up a blog and I started http://www.pureirishsugar.com  that day. Last year I won Best Beauty Blogger at the Aussie Hair Awards and now write a second blog called 'Where to next darling..?' which is all about travel. Along with having two blogs I work full time as part of the PR & Marketing team for Benefit Cosmetics Ireland. Going back to college and studying with Fitzwilliam Institute was one of the best decisions I have made and has shaped my career. Through that course I made incredible friends who still all work in the PR industry - Kate Kelly, Benefit Cosmetics Ireland.

Kate Kelly

Diploma in Digital Marketing

I recently completed the Diploma in Digital Marketing and Social Media with the Fitzwilliam Institute and found the experience to be very rewarding and beneficial.  The classes and study material were comprehensive and well-rounded, providing in-depth knowledge, which is already being applied to my day-to-day work activities.  I have gained a very useful qualification, passing on the benefits of the up-skills honed through this course to my client base. Course Director, Tim Smyrk, was particularly engaging and provided excellent guidance throughout.  I would highly recommend the Fitzwilliam Institute. - Deirdre Walsh, Avanti PR  

Deridre Walsh, Avanti PR

Postgraduate Diploma in Public Relations with Event Management and Arranged Work Experience

Fitzwilliam Institute provided me with the practical skills and knowledge I required to pursue my career in Public Relations and Event Management. I cannot recommend the institute enough to students who wish to come out of the classroom knowing they have been prepared and trained to succeed in their chosen area.  I have now returned to complete a Diploma in Digital Marketing. - Emma Walker, Cullen Communications

Emma Walker

Postgraduate Diploma in Public Relations

If anyone is looking to pursue a career in Public Relations, the Fitzwilliam Institute is a brilliant foot in the door into this intensely competitive industry. After completing the PR & Event Management post-grad I went on to become an AE in one of Ireland's biggest PR agencies, PSG. After over a year here I have recently moved to become the Brand Communications Manager of Publicis in Dublin, a worldwide Advertising agency. Before I entered Fitzwilliam I was a fresh-faced recent Bachelor's graduate, ensure of what I wanted to do next. I know now that choosing to undergo the Fitzwilliam postgrad was what opened that all important first door for me into the Marketing Industry. - Rob Kenny, Publicis

Rob Kenny

Diploma in Public Relations

The course was very impressive, even for the more mature students, especially the PR in Practice and Stakeholder management sections. It certainly enhances the scope of your career positioning and overall communications understanding. I would recommend it for people in all aspects of Communications and Public Relations as a beneficial part of professional development. - Suzanne Angley, Luas Cross City

Suzanne Angley

Diploma in Public Relations

The PR and Event Management Course was a great decision for me.  My main job is not in PR or Event Management but this is something I had an interest in and has helped me within my own job where I am involved in sports and Social Events and outside work hugely by the skill sets which I picked up while working on my PR Campaign I’ve applied to other areas of my life outside.  PR people are experts in communication and through the course you learn from your teachers about presentation skills and gain a broader knowledge in areas such as politics and real life examples of PR in action.  I recommended this course to my friend who is attending the evening classes this year and enjoying it also. - Aoife Murphy, Irish Life

Aoife Murphy

Diploma in Construction Project Management

The Construction Project Management course that I recently completed is in my opinion very detailed and excellently drafted. I enjoyed every module and found them very broad. I feel that by including and highlighting how project management skills can be utilised in different industries really enhanced the course.   Personally I enjoyed the negotiation module and discovered that this aspect of project management to be really intriguing. Overall I learnt a great deal on how project management works and feel it will be of great value to me going forward.   The diploma will benefit me in my future career as it along with my practical and previous management experience in construction should help me advance and secure employment that match my skill set.   I would certainly recommend this course and Fitzwilliam Institute to others. I will highlight the excellent tuition I received throughout and Fitzwilliams welcoming attitude to any inquiries asked.I believe that people should seriously consider this course as a excellent way to improve their career in project management.  

Denis Brosnan

Diploma in Event Management

The Event Management and PR Diploma Course is a must for anyone in or interested in a career in the industry. The course delivers, it does what it says on the tin with excellent Lecturers, all leaders in their sectors, each of them enthusiastic teachers. I would wholeheartedly endorse the course. - Niall Browne, Thermo Air Ireland

Niall Browne

Diploma in Digital Marketing

I finished my Diploma in Digital Marketing in October 2016. The course was very practical and engaging with real life examples. I learnt how to create a marketing strategy for our company and identify the best practices to reach the objectives. The great part for me is that I am about being promoted to Marketing Manager! I highly recommend this course to anyone who desire to gain a complex knowledge and skills in digital marketing field. - Lucie Šedivá, Orchestr8  

Lucie Sediva

Diploma in Event Management

I have enroled in the Event Management Course in Autumn 2015. This course offered more than I expected. For someone like me coming from outside of Event Management field I gained great knowledge about Marketing, PR, Events and all aspects of how to create an event for a client. There is a great array of the lecturers taking part on this course and best thing is that these people have soo much experience in their field that it was fascinating to listen to real life examples. I have gained great knowledge and confidence within the field of Even management and Public relations and I would recommend this course to anyone who works within the industry but also for those who would like to change their career path. - Igor Valigura, Ikea Ireland

Igor Valigura

Diploma in Project Management

I must say I really enjoyed the whole experience of doing the online diploma in Project Management. I got great support from my tutor. So a big Thank You to Zerlina for all the help along with way. I would recommend this online course to anyone who would be interest in project management. - Julie Loftus, Lionbridge

Julie Loftus

Diploma in Event Management

I completed the diploma in Event Management in 2015. I found the course content interesting and relevant, The lecturers are industry professionals and are able to give you a true insight in to the business which is really invaluable. There was good support available and also some opportunities to gain practical experience. Since completing the course I have secured a position as an Event Development Officer with a national charity. The skills and knowledge I gained whilst completing this course definitely helped me further my career and I would recommend it to others that are interested in Event Management. - Louise McCarron, Irish Hospice Foundation

Louise McCarron

Diploma in Event Management

I did the Diploma in Event Management with Public Relations and I honestly can’t recommend it highly enough, I thoroughly enjoyed all of the classes and also the project work. The course was practical and thought by relevant industry professionals who were amazing. I can honestly say that I learnt so much over the 10 week course and I landed a job as a Marketing & Communications Executive the minute I had finished the course! - Lisa Nolan, Dublin Town

Lisa Nolan

Diploma in Event Management

I felt the course was very practical and engaging with expert advice and real life examples. All the lecturers have a vast amount of experience which gives the students a great understanding of the industry. The class is the perfect way to network and meet fellow event organizer. I would highly recommend this course. - Aine Holden, Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland

Aine Holden

Postgraduate Diploma in Event Management with Arranged Work Experience

The Postgraduate Diploma in Event Management with Public Relations gives you a good understanding of the Events industry. The most beneficial part of the course for me was planning a real life charity event. This alone gives you great insight into how much time, effort and planning goes into an event. Additionally, the 3 month work placement is a vital part as you are able to get your foot in the door and get some hands on experience. Without completing this course I may not have the job I have today!  

Lauren O'Hanlon

Diploma in Digital Marketing

I enrolled for this course as I needed to improve my knowledge and skill set around Digital Marketing. I currently work in a marketing position and Digital Marketing is fast becoming an important part of my role. Due to this I needed to educate myself in the area of Digital Marketing to enable me to do my job successfully. The course provided by Fitzwilliam Institute Group was excellent and met my needs 100%. Everything I learnt has been beneficial to me since I finished up the course.  The lectures were lovely also and always very open in answering any questions you have. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in Digital Marketing.

Rachel Clynes

Postgraduate Diploma in PR with Arranged Work Experience

Fitzwilliam Institute Postgraduate Diploma is a great gateway to the world of PR. The course is extremely relevant with current industry case studies and topical PR trends at the forefront of every lecture. It’s so reassuring to know that your lecturers are industry professionals, meaning that every course topic is approached with authentic knowledge of the subject and first-hand experience in mind. The standout aspect of the course for me was the arranged work placement. The placement challenges you to put your knowledge to the test whilst growing and learning in a real working environment and is paramount in developing a true understanding of the ins and outs of PR. The experience gained whilst on work experience plays such a pivotal role in your approach to the exams and perhaps even more importantly, the road to future employment. I did my placement at Elevate PR and was lucky enough to be hired once i finished my internship. I'm happily still working away at Elevate PR as an Account Executive. 

Sadhbh Higgins

Fitzwilliam Institute Group Ireland

 "Many thanks for what was a most interesting and enjoyable course. I knew little or nothing about the Digital Marketing world and have learnt a huge amount on the course. All off the lectures were excellent and knowledgeable in their specific fields.Once again, a brilliant course!" James Weldon, Diploma in Digital Marketing

Diploma in Digital Marketing

Diploma in Event Management

I am very happy to have participated in the Fitzwilliam Institute course Of Event management. I have learned real skills from real professionals. The classes are fun, full of knowledge and I was asked to create a project for a real client which creates a real challenge. Thank you for being part of my future career!  

Juliano Goulart Cezar

Postgraduate Diploma in Event Management

I am in Dubai and doing my internship for Quintessentially Events.  They are really good and treat me like one of their team members. I am going with them to every meeting they have and learning a lot from this. At the moment I am working on the Alexander Mc Queen trunk show and also preparing a presentation for a Lamborgini launch party in April.

Rania Sahraneshin

Diploma in Digital Marketing

My name is Colm Flanagan and I completed a course with you guys in SEO and Digital Marketing a few years back. Since completing the course along with building out my own sites I managed to completely change my life around. Now in a successful online marketing career I decided to tell my story to hopefully motivate anyone in a similar position. With that in mind I created the following presentation. I have received mails from DMI students and across LinkedIn thanking me for the presentation as it provided them with some inspiration and displayed the opportunities that sit within digital marketing. Because of this I am simply forwarding it on to you as it may be relevant to any students there doing similar courses and wondering what potential lies ahead. 

Colm Flanagan

Diploma in Event Management

  I can wholeheartedly recommend undertaking the Event Mgt Diploma course... not only does it give you the theoretical grounding and pitching experience but also opens up invaluable work contacts and opportunities. I was very fortunate to secure a contract with Jack Morton - a global leader - and in turn other specialist agencies. Without the course it would have been very difficult for me to get that all important 'foot in the door'! It's also an invaluable opportunity to build friendships and diverse contacts: as the course director rightly points out... it's all about networking!

Andrew Timms

Diploma in Event Management

You produced an excellent course, extremely informative and most importantly very practical. We, at JAM Events, a brand new events management company, have discovered some sound advice and hands on help that we have already implemented into our business on a daily basis. Through the knowledge that we have learnt from you at The Fitzwilliam Institute Group, we have managed to secure jobs since completing the course. We would like to thank all the tutors. I would recommend anyone interested in pursuing a career in events to enrol on this course. Thank you! - Jeff and Mark Curtis, Jam Events

Jeff and Mark Curtis, JAM Events

Postgraduate Diploma in Event Management

  The practical elements of the course combined with the information imparted by the trainers means that the learning curve was steep but it has proved entirely true to real life and priceless during the course of my placement. It is intensive and hard work but 100% worth it and I would definitely encourage someone considering the course to go for it! 

Ishwarya Raghuveer

Diploma in Digital Marketing

  I found the course both enjoyable and informative. It gave me what I need to move in the right direction, a must do for anyone wishing to tap into the digital areas of marketing.

Fran Jordan

Diploma Digital Marketing

  Leading Edge, on top of industry trends. I was able to use my learning’s in the work place.

Stephen Cramp (Britvic)

Diploma in Digital Marketing

  The course has been very useful and I feel it will greatly benefit me working on future marketing projects online, either in a company or on my own business projects.

Brendan Murphy

Diploma in Digital Marketing

  As a marketing professional, I found this course extremely relevant to my job & digital marketing is definitely where the industry is going. I really enjoyed the course.

Liobhan O'Hora

Press & Communications, Chambers Ireland

  Chambers Ireland has worked with the Fitzwilliam Institute Group since 2008 to provide work placements to PR and Event Management students. The placements provide a wonderful opportunity both to the students and to our organisation to work together to produce publications, research and some of the most important events in the Irish business calendar. Chambers Ireland remains in touch with past-students to help them secure employment, and where the opportunity has arisen, we have provided direct employment. This is a testament of the professional training they receive in their Postgraduate Diploma courses and the calibre of students available for work placement. 

Jessica Dempsey-Staines

Postgraduate Diploma in Public Relations

  I am a current student on the Fitzwilliam Institute postgraduate course in Public Relations, and I’m so glad I chose this course.  The PR lectures were taught to an industry standard, by professionals working in the area that really challenged us and shared their wealth of experience and knowledge with the class. We learnt from real campaigns, while putting the theory into practice and discussions on a daily basis. Questions were encouraged and our understanding and practice of PR was developed through coursework, group activities and demonstrations and speakers presented to the class. The work experience placement was arranged with great attention and consideration put into our individual skills, needs and expectations. We were prepared for these placements not alone by our coursework, but also through intensive interview and CV preparation. I feel the work experience placement has not just given us an advantage in taking our exams; it has given us invaluable insight and grounding when applying for work after our degree is completed.  I would highly recommend anyone interested in pursuing a career in PR to invest in a place on this course, as they will not only learn the academia required for their exam, they’ll learn the practical trade that will help them in starting out in their career in the PR industry.

Elizabeth McQue

Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management

  I would recommend this course to friends and anyone interested in pursuing a career in the project events industry. A very well delivered course with outstanding intern opportunities. 

Paul McDaid

Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing

I applied to the Fitzwilliam Institute to further my marketing and PR skill-set, and gain more of an understanding of how this industry has fared in the online world. I was greatly impressed with both the standard and the commitment of the lecturers, who went above and beyond what we could have expected from them to help us with any queries we had. On the basis of the teaching offered alone, I would thoroughly recommend the Fitzwilliam Institute.

Stephen Moran

Postgraduate Diploma in Event Management

I highly recommend doing the PGD with PR and work experience because of the following reasons: 1.) It was a good fit for me. This programme was well suited to me as a mature student, looking to return to the workplace after a five year break. It was informative, relevant, challenging and thoroughly enjoyable.  2.) It was a great learning experience - more than I expected. The course was very interactive and fast paced, with a great emphasis on practical skills - I retained what I learned by working together in peer groups on numerous practical projects. A great mix of students of different ages, experiences, backgrounds and strengths - This presented the opportunity to start building a network of event management contacts. The lecturers were all experts in their various fields and very supportive and interested in bringing out the best in each student. The lecturers drew examples from specific aspects of their work experiences, to bring their lecturers to life for us. 3.) The work experience offered as part of the programme was invaluable. Through my work experience on this course, I was able to identify that one of my strengths lies in working in logistics. My work experience took me abroad to work on and witness an event in the planning for several months unfold - A fantastic opportunity and unforgettable experience. 4.) Volunteering opportunities. We were given the opportunity to work as volunteers on a variety of charitable events from the very small lesser know ones to several very large, well known and publicised charitable events. This experience brought to life what we as students could possibly be involved with in the future. 5.) The right mix. This course had the right mix of perfect ingredients to make it the best course I have ever taken: brilliant lecturers, interested students, industry relevant information, practical projects, hands on work experience and with support throughout the entire programme from lecturers and peers. 

Maria Tappin

Postgraduate Diploma in Event Management

  It has been nearly a year since I finished the Postgraduate Diploma Course with Fitzwilliam Institute Group and I cannot believe how quickly it has flown by and everything I have done since then! After 3 months of work experience, when I was able to put all that I had learned in the classroom into practice, I went straight into a job working for a great sport event management company. Since then I have worked on numerous fantastic events including Sport Relief and with really high profile clients, including Nike and Sky. My time at Fitzwilliam Institute Group, learning from people who are already highly successful in the industry, was invaluable for giving me a solid base of knowledge and practical event experience and I honestly do not think I would be where I am now if I had not taken the course.

Nicole Wright

Postgraduate Diploma in Event Management

  I would highly recommend taking the Fitzwilliam Institute Group Post Graduate Diploma as it is thorough, hands on and very comprehensive. I am currently doing work experience at Imagination (placement found by Fitzwilliam Institute) and have used all my skills from the course. Unlike other courses which focus purely on the theory, this diploma allows you to practise events on real live briefs. It is an invaluable experience and has taught me skills that are essential to all areas of events. The tutors are knowledgeable industry professionals who have worked in Events for years and have an array of experience behind them.  If you want to get into the world of events, this is the course for you.

Anais Bellemans

Postgraduate Diploma in Event Management

An utterly marvellous course which I cannot recommend enough! All lecturers are of the highest calibre with proven industry experience, therefore adding both dynamism and passion to all lectures. Course content is comprehensive, practical and wholly enjoyable!

Roxanne Lim

Postgraduate Diploma in Event Management

  Before starting the EM course I had been in PR and had worked with a variety of clients in the entertainment sector - Organizing events had been a part of my role but I felt I needed more in depth knowledge about the industry. I found out about (Fitzwilliam Institute Group) from the Internet and decided to apply. I’m glad to say it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. The course was everything I had hoped it would be, with modules and sessions on a wide variety of sectors from Lighting, Health and Safety to Showbiz and sporting events. The tutors are all experts in their fields and are there at every step of the way to guide you through, not to mention helping you secure work afterwards. I made some good friends on the course and see them often. After I finished the course I landed a role with Quintessentially Events where I managed and organized various events from private parties to film premieres in London and in Cannes. This would not have been possible without the course and for anyone serious about getting into the event industry I highly recommend it.

Rav Gill

Postgraduate Diploma in Event Management

  Registering with Fitzwilliam Institute Group gave me the opportunity to network and consult with industry professionals.  Being taught by industry experts and encouraged to assist in events made an incredible learning experience!  I quickly progressed from curious and ambitious to totally event adept.  About a week after completing the program I was contracted with a superb opportunity at great sporting event company.  Thanks to Fitzwilliam Institute Group, I learned all I needed to kick-start my dream career!

Jo-Rena Davis

Postgraduate Diploma in Public Relations

  The practical elements of the course combined with the information imparted by the trainers means that the learning curve was steep but it has proved entirely true to real life and priceless during the course of my placement. It is intensive and hard work but 100% worth it and I would definitely encourage someone considering the course to go for it!

Ish Fareed

Postgraduate Diploma in Event Management

The Postgraduate Event Management course I undertook at The Fitzwilliam Institute has not only been very enjoyable and exciting, it has provided me with the perfect platform to branch out into the world of event management. I received great assistance with sourcing my work placement. Over the 12 week period, I had the opportunity to plan events for a number of blue chip corporate companies and designed their events from start to finish. I gained invaluable hands on experience working on a wide variety of events. Both the course and the practical experience gained during my work placement have reinforced my choice of career in event management.

Aoife Martin

Postgraduate Diploma in Public Relations

Fitzwilliam Institute offers great opportunities for anyone interested in a career in Public Relations or Event Management. The P.R course is a great stepping stone which provides top quality training, essential to all areas of the industry. I would highly recommend the Postgraduate Diploma as it is both practical and in-depth. The trainers are experienced professionals who have worked in the P.R industry for years. Unlike other courses which focus on theory, this diploma allows you to gain invaluable P.R experience. One of the highlights of the course is the arranged work placement. While working, students are given the chance to use all the skills and knowledge they learn in lectures. For anyone who likes writing, working with the media or is looking for a career with endless possibilities, Fitzwilliam Institute is for you.

Ian McGylnn