Postgraduate Diploma in Public Relations with Event Management, Online PR and Social Media via Online Distance Learning

  • Postgraduate Diploma
  • 31 May 2024
  • Online
  • Unlimited Access

Get the PR career you’ve always wanted with Fitzwilliam Institute’s online Postgraduate Diploma in Public Relations. Practical, with a strong career focus, our public relations course prepares you for a range of roles across public relations and media industries. Equipped with a new set of transferable skills, you'll be ready to work in: PR, media management, corporate communications, press and publicity, etc.  Your strategic planning skills will be a valued asset across industries, opening doors to rewarding positions across a diverse selection of fields worldwide.

This practical online Postgraduate Diploma Course in Public Relations with Online PR and Social Media was created by experienced, industry-leading industry professionals and features a portfolio of real life PR briefs and case studies that will give you an arsenal of strategic thinking and communication tools to prepare you for a successful PR career.

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