27 September

The benefits of a career in digital marketing

Digital Marketing is a booming industry, expected to create 150,000 jobs by 2020.  Continually changing, always interesting, challenging and rewarding; and with great long-term prospects, digital marketing careers have become the next big thing. With almost every company - big or small - taking the digital route to promote their products/services, this industry is reaching new heights every day. But what is it that keeps digital marketing professionals satisfied in work? Here are the top 7 benefits of a career in digital marketing:

  1. Money can’t buy happiness, as the saying goes–but it certainly can give a boost to how digital marketers feel about their job, as they can earn up to €120,000.
  2. Digital marketers are not just passing time and collecting a paycheck. They are creating something that they’re passionate about.
  3. Digital marketing jobs are measurable and immediate.
  4. Digital marketing careers let you play with the latest cutting-edge technology.
  5. Digital marketing careers let you try something new one day, then scrap it and try something entirely different the next.
  6. Digital marketing careers allow you to participate in an ever-changing multitude of client projects and campaigns.
  7. The digital economy is growing 10 times faster than the traditional economy which will result in a skills gap of 150,000 vacancies by 2020.

And, as one of Fitzwilliam Institute’s Digital Marketing graduates confesses, Digital Marketing can even save your life.

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